Monday, 19 March 2007

Freeway Bike Hike

In 2005 I did the Freeway Bike Hike on a dual-suspension mountain bike in around 48 minutes. In 2006 I did it in 44:14 on a borrowed bike. This year it was a bit faster: 42:08 on my new (well, second-hand) Guerciotti.

Although it was again an excellent event I made the following two suggestions to the organisers:

[1] The A division cut-off time of 55 minutes is too generous, and so this group is too large. I'm not a great cyclist but have managed to beat 45 minutes for the last two years. I suggest that the A division be split into a number of approximately even-sized groups based on timings from last year (since timing was not an option this year). By way of comparison, the start of the Great Perth Bike Ride was smoother, and there were less chaotic groupings during the race.

[2] The idea of having Cyclo Sportif teams is good, but can I suggest that the teams, who are planning to ride together, start before the A division. This would also be an incentive for people to form and ride in teams, as the start of the A division is slow and chaotic.

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