Thursday, 9 December 2010

Deltoid: The Australian's War on Science

Deltoid, the blog by Tim Lambert, a Computer Scientist at UNSW, has an interesting thread on The Australian's War on Science.

I particularly enjoyed #53 on Chris Mitchell's defence against the charge that The Australian's coverage of climate change is biased; see Climate debate no place for hotheads. Really, who would have thought that? It must have been difficult finding "positive" comments on the science of climate change over the last 10 years of editorials.

One poster commented:
You seem to suggest that Chris Mitchell is a liar. For the sake of balance, you should quote the views of someone who thinks that Chris Mitchell is an idiot. For additional balance, please also include the views of someone who thinks that Chris Mitcthell is a lunatic.
and another:
I'm reminded of an old Private Eye cartoon, where a BBC compere introduces his two guests, saying 'on my right tonight is a government spokesman, and in the interests of balance I'm also joined by a wild-eyed Trot from the lunatic fringe'.
And from former Media Watch host, Richard Ackland:
This thin-skinned reaction is a poor look for a journalist. He doesn't need to use the courts to correct any alleged damage to his reputation. All the freedom of the press stuff that The Oz was spouting looks rather pathetic.
As I no longer have a newspaper to enjoy on the weekend (living in Perth, we really do not have any choice), perhaps I'll just subscribe to the iPad edition of The Guardian.

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