Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fourier Photography?

A lens is a very simple device; essentially a lens "computes" the Fourier Transform of an "object". Indeed you can use lens to do computation (devices such as the 4F correlator). However, instead of using a lens, is it possible to capture a wider field of view directly and use software/hardware (such as GPU) to do the computations, including corrections to have a better (perfect?) lens?

Some related technology:
  • OmniVision's TrueFocus Cameras use "Wavefront Coding" which is a method of optically encoding light (using a special lens) and then using image processing to recover a focused image.
  • IATIA advertise technology that can capture high resolution digital wavefront images and extract phase information from incoherent, polychromatic radiation without requiring special optical components.

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