Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Accountant steals $1 million

There are people you meet who you are sure are crooks and others you think could never be crooked. Neil Colwell, my accountant for several years falls, into the second category. So, when you read the headline accountant steals $1 million and that he pleaded guilty, it is hard not to be surprised.


  1. I agree Paul. I too was certainly surpirsed at the allegation and the plea but not that the full story wasn't reported. Bias in reporting is unfortunate to say the least. I have and will continue to recommend my accountant Neil Colwell as a trustworthy, honest, reliable and excellent accountant of the highest personal character!!
    Written by Christopher's wife, Sigrid.

  2. Neil Colwell is a Thief and is not to be trusted!

    He does not deserve your sympathy.

    I am a victim of his crimes; he stole $517,000 from me and my staff over a period of 5 years.

    He has also stolen over $900,000 from another victim which includes peoples superannuation…..retirement money which is now lost forever.

    His crimes were premeditated and he wilfully used his disability to secure his victims trust so that he could scam as many people as he thought he could get away with.

    He did not care about any of the extreme financial hardships that he has caused many families in Western Australia including his own wife and daughter.

    This man deserves to be sent to prison and should never be allowed to practice accounting or work in any other industry where his trust is to be relied upon.

    Enjoy your time in jail Neil Colwell, that’s where you belong.