Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Information in search of meaning

The article information in search of meaning raised some interesting points. I had already bought Gleick's The Information but will have a look at some of the other books reviewed by Colin Steele. One paragraph was particularly interesting:
Google's chief economist Hal Varian, who will be in Australia in July, and is another contributor to The Next Digital Decade, believes that the transformative potential of cloud computing technology allows even tiny companies, like the 16th-century small cities, to launch globally innovative new applications and services that in turn can serve as building blocks for new sorts of combinatorial innovation in business processes that will offer a huge boost to knowledge worker productivity.
If I recall correctly, I met Hal in 1990 at the first Mathematica conference and that he was an editor of The Mathematica Journal, of which I was the founding technical editor. It would be interesting to meet with Hal when he visits Australia.

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