Monday, 20 June 2011

London Underground

As a fan of great design, I have two framed London Underground posters on display at home. Some related links of interest:
This real underground link was originally to here. Reporting this broken link to TfL was a frustrating experience because:
  1. It asked way too many restrictive questions;
  2. It does not address the topic, which is a missing page on their website;
  3. There is no (obvious) way to comment on maps;
  4. If I select advertising/media I get to a page which requires me to fill in the date and time of my "incident" (as well as the Line and Station), which really does not apply here—and since I'm submitting the form electronically, they know the date and time I've filled it in.
One might think that the bureaucrats at TfL are trying to discourage people from contacting them. I'll be interested to see their feedback.

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