Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Family Jewels

I took the family to the AC/DC Family Jewels exhibition at the West Australian Museum on Sunday. Some nice stuff on display, including several letters and postcards. I had to tell my kids a story about my connection to AC/DC, which I don't think they believed:

In 1975 Nick Andronis helped me get a Saturday morning job at KITSETS, an electronic parts store in Wellington Street Perth (I can't find anything about this company on the web). The manager, did light-shows for bands visiting Perth and had some connection to Status Quo—he gave me some free tickets, which made me popular at school. For one light show in September 1975, at the now defunct Sandgroper Hotel in Leederville, some extra hands were needed, and the manager asked me to come along. Somewhat surprisingly, for a midweek concert at a pub, my parents said ok. And so there I was, a wide-eyed 14 year old, stage right at the Sandgroper, helping working the lights for Bon Scott and AC/DC. Three things that I clearly recall:
  • Bon was wearing a leather waistcoat, but nothing else on top;
  • The drummer had his broken hand or arm in a plaster cast; 
  • I still have two unmatched drumsticks from this performance, souvenired at the end of the show.

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