Friday, 15 July 2011

Free energy generator?

Ludwig (Lu) Brits and Victor (John) Christie of Lutec Australia PL have been awarded a patent for their “Free Energy Generator”. As their technology would be a perpetuum mobile it cannot work. Patent offices do not care for the truth of the claims made by the applicants. But to the public, the “inventors” behave as if the patent has verified their claims. For an interesting commentary, read Lutec - all the energy that you can eat.

Deservingly, Lutec won the Australian Skeptics Bent Spoon award in 2001 for their “Free Energy Generator”. Amusing aside: the 2010 Bent Spoon winner was the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA) for its draft science curriculum!

It is amusing to watch the evolution of the Lutec website. The current website is rather bare, with no links; instead there is a picture of what looks to be a primitive washing machine connected to bank of light bulbs, and the statement “Please note - as of 25 June 2010, this Website is undergoing reconstruction. We thank you for your patience.” For the “theory” behind the system one has to go back in time, using WayBackMachine, where one can view earlier prototypes and find out where the extra electrical energy comes from:

It’s not EXTRA energy, it is actually newly produced! And it comes from the interaction between the MAGNET’S natural magnetic attraction and natural magnetic repulsion causing the MOTION and the MAGNETISM in the coils then producing the new ELECTRICAL energy, just as Mr Faraday said it would.
I could not be bothered ranking Lutec on John Baez's Crackpot Index—I'm sure they'd do well—but they certainly get points for each word in capital letters.

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