Monday, 15 August 2011

Australian contemporary architecture

I'm a fan of contemporary architecture, so I enjoyed the Weekend Property article on modern marvels of design. Four houses were featured:
  1. The Kew House by Vibe Design Group certainly appeals to me.
  2. Passing a curve back through itself embodies the mathematical concept of the Klein Bottle. McBride Charles Ryan's Klein Bottle house in Rye attempts to realise this as an architectural form.
  3. The Stonehawke House located in Brisbane, designed by Base Architecture is both striking and elegant.
  4. Finally, Brian Meyerson Architects designed the impressive and interesting Bondi Beach house.
And locally, the recently completed Florida Beach House by iredale pedersen hook has been attracting international attention; some very nice photos by Peter Bennett can be found here. I walked past this house a couple of months ago when I was staying at nearby Melros Beach.

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