Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The vice-chancellor with wings

From the vice-chancellor with wings
A radiographer by training, Bowman had the equivalent of a TAFE diploma and was teaching in a medical education centre in Britain when it merged with a university. Suddenly, he was officially an academic.

Higher education trades on status, reputation and old school tie networks. Where you studied and with whom you researched are the currency on which careers are forged. On Bowman's CV there is no prestigious sandstone. His masters in politics and government is from City Polytechnic, later known as London Guildhall University, his PhD comes from the British online education broker, Open Universities, and his MBA is from the University of the Sunshine Coast.
I would have thought that the quality of the work you do is always more important that where you studied and with whom you worked. Bowman's approach sounds like the ideal way to become a VC.

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