Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Have your say...

The latest newsletter posted to my household (it is not clear who pays for the distribution of this) from Julie Bishop, the Federal Member for Curtin, includes a community survey, which is available as a PDF here (but not as an online form). The statements are provocative, the questions are structured (skewed) so as to elicit the desired responses, and the tone of the survey is selfish; how can Julie make things better for the electorate of Curtin? Well, the people in Curtin are already very well off, certainly better than most other Australian electorates.

Although it was probably a waste of my time, I decided to have my say.
  • The issues: With the rising cost of living putting so much pressure on families, please number (from 1 to 4) the four issues that concern you the most:
    • Reducing Australia’s debt—already very low by world standards.
    • Tackling local crime in our community—this really is not a problem.
    • Securing Australia’s borders—they are secure
    • Fixing our local hospitals—QEII is among the best in Australia. 
    • Creating local jobs—is this really a problem in Curtin?
    • Stopping the carbon tax—why? Why not ask about reducing CO2 emissions?
    • A new tax on the mining sector—This is the most important issue and a good idea!
    • Improving local roads and infrastructure—they are already excellent. However, encouraging public transport and cycling, instead of improving roads, would be preferable.
    • Backing small business—is Julie implying that she does not already do this?
    • Reducing cost of living pressures—how does Julie propose to do this?
    • Securing our water supplies—WA is well off here.
    • Protecting the local environment—our local environment is well protected.
  • What would you fix? Our local area is incredibly well off. The focus should be on improving things for those less fortunate that us.
  • In the Parliament: I would like to see politicians to work together co-operatively, in particular to address fundamental issues such as climate change. And stop focussing on issues raised by minorities, or special interest groups.
I am then asked about my politics and which, if any, party I support. Now, I don’t support any political party, but my feeling is that this question should not be asked. Are my views discounted if I don't vote Liberal? Julie Bishop represents all people in her electorate and a significant number of them get annoyed at paid party political announcements (from any party), such as this newsletter.

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