Friday, 25 November 2011


It is most interesting to compare the focus (bias?) of the top 10 hits in a search for IPCC in The Australian:  
  1. Climate forecasts 'exaggerated': journal Latest

    Professor Schmittner said taking his results literally, the IPCC's average or "expected" value of a 3C…
    1 hour ago | The Australian > News > Health And Science | Article | Find related

  2. IPCC's 'folly' writ large: Howard

    the IPCC's scientific reports were compromised by entrenched bias and poor oversight. The report… McKitrick said the IPCC's standards of peer review fell far short of those imposed by scientific…
    1 day ago | The Australian > National Affairs > Carbon Plan | Article | Find related

  3. Politics muddies the debate Latest

    the emails - the release of which appears to have been timed to undermine the IPCC's Durban conference next… This includes the internal politics of making sure "friendly" scientists were appointed to the IPCC
    1 hour ago | The Australian > News > Opinion | Article | Find related
  4. Scientists say IPCC should be overhauled or scrapped

    or even turning the whole climate science assessment process into a moderated "living" Wikipedia-IPCC. Writing… or lead IPCC report authors - agreed a mechanism for assessing the facts and impacts of climate change…
    11 Feb 2010 | The Australian > News > The Nation | Article | Find related
  5. UN panel to review climate body

    of the IPCC's procedures. The evaluation of the IPCC comes amid growing scepticism about humanity's role… to a binding agreement on emission reduction targets. Among issues to be examined is the IPCC's use of non…
    12 Mar 2010 | The Australian > Politics | Article | Find related
  6. UN climate head under pressure to quit

    Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has insisted… theIPCC on the eve of the Copenhagen climate summit. A journalist working for Science magazine had told…
    4 Feb 2010 | The Australian > News > The World | Article | Find related

  7. Greenpeace's role in UN climate study

    A headline briefing on the IPCC's special report on the potential of renewable energy, released… years and was the most optimistic of the 164 investigated by the IPCC. Reduced demand for electricity…
    18 Jun 2011 | The Australian > National Affairs | Article | Find related
  8. The IPCC has been wrong for 15 years

    Who Was Mistaken for the World's Top Climate Expert, has destroyed the last shreds of credibility the IPCC… possessed. It is, of course, the case that the recent introduction of a carbon tax was predicated on IPCC
    2 days ago | The Australian > News > Opinion | Article | Find related

  9. The Australian and the IPCC: Correction

    The Sunday Times and the IPCC: Correction The article "UN climate panel shamed by bogus rainforest… claim" (News, Jan 31) stated that the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report…
    24 Jun 2010 | The Australian > National Affairs > Climate | Article | Find related
  10. IPCC 'must investigate report bias'

    on Climate Change (IPCC) resulted in overstatements of the severity of the problem. Professor Watson… by up to 50 per cent by 2020. A senior IPCC contributor has since admitted that there is no evidence…
    15 Feb 2010 | The Australian > National Affairs > Climate | Article | Find related

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  1. The Australian rubbishing climate science and the IPCC? Next you'll be telling me that they don't like Labor...