Monday, 2 January 2012

Cherry-picking contrarians

Nice to see sensible comments on "Award-winning author" Ian Plimer's claims in Cherry-picking contrarian geologists tend to obscure scientific truth by Mike Sandiford. Checking the reaction on Contrarian websites is interesting; it would be amusing, but unfortunately, it is not. Plimer does not even bother to address the issues that Sandiford raises:
  1. There was not a peak of 6 per cent atmospheric CO2 100 million years ago when the dinosaurs roamed the planet.
  2. Antarctic ice core (Siple) air of age about 1900 has a CO2 content of 295ppm.
To quote from an earlier review of Heaven and Earth by Michael Ashley from UNSW, No science in Plimer's primer:
Plimer has done an enormous disservice to science, and the dedicated scientists who are trying to understand climate and the influence of humans, by publishing this book. It is not "merely" atmospheric scientists that would have to be wrong for Plimer to be right. It would require a rewriting of biology, geology, physics, oceanography, astronomy and statistics. Plimer's book deserves to languish on the shelves along with similar pseudo-science such as the writings of Immanuel Velikovsky and Erich von Daniken.

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