Thursday, 26 January 2012

On Elsevier, El-Naschie, and FFCP10

Michael Nielsen's post On Elsevier is very interesting. The link from "publication of what are most kindly described as extraordinarily shoddy journals" takes one to a blog post on El-Naschie's past editorial role in “Chaos, Solitons & Fractals”. Related to this, I am quoted in the El Naschie Watch blog on the Frontiers of Fundamental Physics Symposia as follows:
I have been following El Naschie Watch since the story about CSF first appeared. Independently I'd noticed some "interesting" articles by Iovane in CSF. I was on the program and organising committees for the 10th FFCP Symposium. I became aware of the crackpots involved with previous FFCP conferences and tried to eliminate them from this conference series. In particular, El Naschie was removed from the international panel. The AIP proceedings of FFCP10 are, I think, quite respectable. Also, the 2011 conference looks ok. I see that Journeau is no longer organizing the conference and the listed names seem reputable.

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