Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Inner-city Sydney galleries

Galleries on the go featured some galleries to visit the next time I'm in Sydney:
The article led me to the Hg2 and their iPhone app, which I ended up buying.

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  1. I visited White Rabbit 2 times in Sydney. Its really enjoyable as you can clearly see a unique style focus emerge from contemporary artists from Asia as opposed to ones from Europe/America/Australia. For the asian, there is an almost manic dedication to rendering details in a way that would scare any artists from elsewhere. In White Rabbit, there was a wall composed of over 10 000 thumb-sized figurines of man an woman, stacked up in this construction, each individually painted with a facial expression and clothes and all... just mad! Can't even think how many hours it took!

    You never ever see stuff like that in a European gallery!