Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tracking Real Estate prices: part 4

Following on from part 2, it really is amusing to follow the pricing of a single property over time. Currently the asking price for 66A Excelsior Street is $1,495,000, a drop of 25% in 18 months!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Who guards the guardians?

Glyn Davis's article Who guards the guardians? makes excellent reading. Actually, it is impressive that this article even appeared in The Australian. Two quotes I enjoyed:
  • The Australian is entitled to express its opinion. It is free to run on consecutive days a tenuous and trivial claim to attack an academic critic. Readers in turn must judge for themselves the credibility of The Australian’s report. They may wonder, as I do, about the fairness of the coverage or the pattern of personal attacks on those who express views unacceptable to editorial writers. It seems a sad irony when media freedom is defended through such means.
  • We should judge the contribution of academic critics by the quality of their analysis and validity of the evidence they provide. One might say the same about editorials in The Australian.
Hear, hear!

Monday, 28 May 2012

The marvels of the Marais

I enjoyed John Baxter's article on The marvels of the Marais. Some highlights:
  • From a wall in tiny Place Igor Stravinsky, a white face six storeys high rolls its eyes and holds a finger to enormous lips. A work by the street artist Jean-Francois Perroy, aka Jef Aerosol;
  • A sign outside the confectionery Les Paris Gourmandes on Rue des Archives says they sell coucougnettes (testicles);
  • The Marais is a mecca of second-hand stores, from designerwear at Coiffeur Vintage and Plus que Parfait to bargain hunting at Kiliwatch and the more chaotic, bazaar-style offering at Aux Comptoirs du Chineurs;
  • Free'p'Star is Paris's most famous stop for vintage lovers. A poster on its door advertises Decors de Bordels, an exhibition of brothel photos, showing opposite the old premises of Le Chabanais, once Paris's most luxurious whorehouse;
  • L'As du Fallafel is supposed to serve the best falafel in Paris;
  • Chez Marianne for taster plates of Moroccan-style falafel, stuffed peppers, hummus, aubergine caviar, tzatziki, tarama and a surprising combination of artichoke heart with orange peel, all served by the actual Marianne.

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Tardis?

Most interesting house, designed by David Smith, at 52 Smyth Road, Shenton Park, just around the corner from my place:

Good Coffee in NYC

Nice article entitled Bright lights, flat whites on Australian-style cafes in NYC. Check out:

  • Cafe Grumpy: 13 Essex St, Lower East Side, Manhattan (and other locations)
  • Glass Shop: 766 Classon Ave, Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  • Laughing Man: 184 Duane St, Tribeca, Manhattan
  • Pie Face: 1691 Broadway, Midtown, Manhattan
  • Toby's Estate: 125 North 6Th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn