Monday, 28 May 2012

The marvels of the Marais

I enjoyed John Baxter's article on The marvels of the Marais. Some highlights:
  • From a wall in tiny Place Igor Stravinsky, a white face six storeys high rolls its eyes and holds a finger to enormous lips. A work by the street artist Jean-Francois Perroy, aka Jef Aerosol;
  • A sign outside the confectionery Les Paris Gourmandes on Rue des Archives says they sell coucougnettes (testicles);
  • The Marais is a mecca of second-hand stores, from designerwear at Coiffeur Vintage and Plus que Parfait to bargain hunting at Kiliwatch and the more chaotic, bazaar-style offering at Aux Comptoirs du Chineurs;
  • Free'p'Star is Paris's most famous stop for vintage lovers. A poster on its door advertises Decors de Bordels, an exhibition of brothel photos, showing opposite the old premises of Le Chabanais, once Paris's most luxurious whorehouse;
  • L'As du Fallafel is supposed to serve the best falafel in Paris;
  • Chez Marianne for taster plates of Moroccan-style falafel, stuffed peppers, hummus, aubergine caviar, tzatziki, tarama and a surprising combination of artichoke heart with orange peel, all served by the actual Marianne.

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