Sunday, 29 July 2012

Update: Australian Contemporary Architecture

One to watch: Andrew Piva of b.e. Architecture, featured in The Weekend Australian of July 28-29, 2012, is designing some very nice houses ...

Tracking Real Estate prices: part 5

Listed at $2.75-2.85 million in February 2011, 3/113 Forrest Street, Peppermint Grove, is now listed as "from $2.4 million".

Thursday, 12 July 2012

High Court rules against Government funding of school chaplains

An update to Practicing atheism: the High Court in Australia rules against Government funding of school chaplains. The most sensible response to this ruling was from Greens Leader Christine Milne, who said
...funding should go instead towards employing counsellors and student support staff. Schools across Australia need the resources to employ properly qualified counsellors, student support officers and other non-teaching staff to help students through difficult times.
Peter James, COE of Scripture Union Queensland said:
Even though that model might be invalid, it does not keep chaplains from supporting school communities. Instead, it means that a new funding model is needed.
to which one of the respondents wrote:
Like maybe the churches/synagogues/mosques paying for their own proselytizing?
Hear, hear!

Update May 2014: It is most disappointing to see that the Abbott Government has removed the funding for counsellors. Sounds like time for another High Court challenge ...