Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Commonsense on the inviolacy of the confessional

In his letter to The Australian, Alan Slade (Dover Heights, NSW) elegantly put into words the idea that I too had regarding commonsense on the inviolacy of the confessional:
Cardinal George Pell claims that the confidentiality of the confessional is inviolate. This need not be incompatible with compliance with our secular laws. All that is needed is a minor modification to confessional rules. Priests taking confessions can be instructed to refuse forgiveness/absolution to those who commit a crime as defined by the law of the land in which the church is located. The supplicant, as a devout Catholic, will need to submit to the secular legal system before spiritual forgiveness can be considered.
I did not see any response from Pell or the Catholic Church...

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