Monday, 6 May 2013

Good Coffee in Perth

Adrian Petersen, a second year student in my Electromagnetism course, is also a barrista at Small Print in the CBD. Adrian, noticing my Seven Seeds T-shirt, sent me the following recommendations for good coffee in Perth:
  • Elixir, Nedlands
  • Standing Room Only, Piccadily Arcade. No seats, no food, just coffee. The owner uses a house blend from 5 Senses and gets a guest blend from various roasters each week
  • Eponymous Gordon Street Garage, West Perth, roast their own coffee
  • Eponymous Howard Street has 3 "hole in the wall" cafes, all under the banner of "ristretto coffee roasters"
  • Chalky's, in Fremantle near the Roundhouse. Have the Reuben sandwich if you go here!
  • Maven Espresso, in Raine square in the city. They use Seven Seeds coffee and 5 Senses, but only do muffins, etc.
  • There are also a whole bunch of 5 Senses cafes that are ok, like Hush in Fremantle or Bench in the CBD (who have Belgian couverture chocolate). 
I'd already seen a good review of Gordon Street Garage and another of Typika (from the founder of Cimbalino), both of which I must try out soon.


  1. There are quite a few really good coffee places, like The daily Expresso Bar and Spring Espresso which have great coffee, but aren't suited to groups, and don't do much in the way of food. Coffee shops for busy people.