Monday, 2 September 2013

Coffee in NYC

New Yorkers finally warm to the humble Aussie flat white mentions a number of Australian-owned cafes, which are changing the way New Yorkers drink coffee (see also Good Coffee in NYC):
  • Toby's Estate in Williamsburg (125 N 6TH St, Brooklyn)
  • Grumpy's has cafes in two Brooklyn neighbourhoods
  • Bluebird in the East Village
  • Laughing Man in TriBeCa is co-owned by Hugh Jackman
  • Milk Bar (620 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn)
  • Smooch (264 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn)
  • Pie Face (with Australian site here), has 5 outlets in NYC. According to marketing manager Tennille Scicluna, "Only when you venture abroad do you realise how advanced our coffee culture in Australia truly is"
According to Caroline Jumpertz, NYC coffee culture has "seriously ramped up" with US roasters:
Interestingly, one reason for the Australian-owned cafes is the relative ease of acquiring an E-3 visa—available since the free trade agreement between Howard and Bush—as a lure to entrepreneurs to open small businesses.

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