Thursday, 28 February 2013

AFL Full Membership Waitlist

The AFL membership FAQ outlines how AFL Silver Members are automatically placed on the Full Membership waiting list and that, once Full Member upgrades are completed in June each year, Silver Members are advised how many members were upgraded to Full Membership.

I have been a Silver AFL member since 2007. Reviewing my AFL correspondence, it is interesting to track my progress towards Full Membership: I was my 7857 on the waitlist in 2011, 4899 in 2013, 3753 in 2014, and 1516 for 2015 (I can find no mention of my waitlist number in 2012).

It would nice if the AFL to made the current waitlist number accessible upon login to The intake of Full Members in June 2013 included Silver Members who first joined in 2005, so there's a good chance I will be offered Full Membership for the 2016 season and—and if I miss out then, surely I must make it in 2017!