Friday, 20 June 2014

Interesting views on Quantum Mechanics

Two interesting articles from 2009:
I have not been able to find anything further about whether Valentini's ideas can be used to explain the lack of large-scale fluctuations seen in the Planck data, which would be very interesting.

My colleague Kevin Judd reviewed a draft of Palmer's paper and wrote to me as follows:
My main criticism is that [Palmer] stresses this hypothesis that reality must live on the invariant set, but I see no reason for requiring this. If phase space volumes are shrinking then any initial state asymptotically approaches the invariant set I. After sufficient time, the evolution and properties of almost all states are essentially indistinguishable from those in I. Unless your observation machines are extremely good, one cannot tell. The characteristics of I would appear to dominate the universe regardless of what the initial condition is. 

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