Saturday, 14 June 2014

Untrue and unfair?

In The Australian letters to the editor of June 11, Arthur Sinodinos (senator for NSW) writes
I reject the assertions about me made in the untrue and unfair opinion piece (“AWU a gift not to be wasted”, 7-8/6) commenting on the ICAC inquiry in which I was a witness. Editorialising relies on an author being sure of the facts. In this instance, there’s no sign of that being the case. 
I reaffirm my evidence to the ICAC and my statement to the Senate and look forward to being vindicated when the commission hands down its report
I'm wondering to which evidence he is referring? According to SBS, his responses to ICAC questioning comprised "I don't recollect" and "I don't recall". For variety, perhaps he should have tried the Hans Schultz response to interrogation: "I know nothing" or "I see nothing, I wasn't here, I didn't even wake up this morning!"

Disclosure: ICAC Commissioner Megan Latham is an in-law.

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